Person Centred Planning Case Study

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Person centred planning and support planning MK originally came from Walls End, near Newcastle, and is very proud of this fact. Often uses “Geordie” in conversation in order to make jokes. One of her favourite jokes is for her and staff to “Geordie” songs, using words and terms that she used to use in more modern music. MK has a learning disability, epilepsy and suffers from depression and anxiety. MK will often, when not otherwise engaged sink into what she calls “black moods”. MK has difficulty in keeping herself occupied, and so when left to her own devices for a length of time will often recall and dwell on unpleasant things from her past, so a lot of working with MK is finding activities and beig able to have conversation. MK also…show more content…
MK often becomes fixated on 2 things, one being having cigarettes and the other is having money in her tin. If either of these begin to run low, MK begins to worry and will either smoke heavier or want to spend money in order to get rid og these worries but will then enter a cycle that ends in MK escalating and either putting herself in a place where she may suffer seizures, or possibly harm herself or others. To help MK deal with this, all staff stay consistent and help MK with calming techniques, helping MK to remember to keep tobacco pouch topped for when she runs out of cigarettes and to help MK budget for each week by separating money into daily budgets. Staff began using the principles of Person Centred Planning in planning to work with MK to rework her support plan. The planning process was done over around 4 weeks, allowing MK time to digest the information and to be able to converse with staff about things she wanted from her support. Staff spoke with both MK and with MK and her sister about various elements and eventually brought together using the important to/important for and doughnut a person centred plan that MK appeared to be very happy with. Shared Values and…show more content…
Ownership - Self-directed support not only supports people to have more choices in their lives, but full ownership of their lives. Ownership implies more than just decision making. It means the individual is the final and total authority on their own life. Opportunity – Many people have limited opportunities to experience many aspects of life. Self directed support expands those opportunities e nabling and encouraging individuals to explore the possibilities that are present within their communities. Since they are able to spend their money in ways that they now choose, they are able to take part in events and activities that previously may have been unavailable. When someone has had limited experience, in may be difficult for others to enable them to take risks. However, opportunity also includes the ability to take risks, to make mistakes and to grow from them. Support - Support is a keystone to making self directed sup port work. Most people have some type of support network in their lives that they turn to when they must make important decisions and move forward in their

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