Module C Educating Rita and Slumdog Millionaire

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Significant experiences in people’s lives provide opportunities for growth and development. Going ‘Into the World’ means moving from familiar experiences to new horizons. When going from familiar experiences to new ones, obstacles are usually overcome before being totally successful. Individuals might be given advice and/or guided through the transformation to reaching new horizons. Great rewards and opportunities also come about while going through the process of growth and development. The script of Educating Rita, by Willy Russel, about the transformation of a woman going into the world as well as the film, Slum dog Millionaire by Danny Boyle are proof of the statement. Individuals moving into the world are bound to come across many obstacles that they overcome to be successful. “I’m coming aren’t I? It’s that stupid bleeding door of yours” complains Rita, at the initial stage of going into the word. The door is a symbol for the barrier of going into the world. As Rita progresses, the door becomes easier to open, until she’s at the final stage of going into the world, when she bursts through the door. Also in Slum dog Millionaire, Jamal Malik who lives in the Juhu slums overcomes obstacles such as being poor and an orphan with only his brother who in some cases turns his back on him. Slowly, as Jamal grows, he finds ways to survive on the street, until he appears on ‘‘who wants to be a millionaire?’’ where he wins 20000000 rupees. Although obstacles have to be overcome when going into the world, there usually is a mentor guiding the individual into the world. Frank is the mentor for Rita. “If I had gotten another tutor, I wouldn’t still be here.” Rita shows her appreciation of Frank, by using high modality words to explain that he is the reason she’s still carrying on with the process of going into the world. This situation is similar to that of Jamal where he

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