College Admissions Essay: The American Dream

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“Dream a better dream and live to make it real.” This line from the movie Shark boy and Lava girl struck me so much that I began to think of things that I wish to create, a dream that I hope to materialize. We all have our dream life, dream house and dream future. And, visualizing it is one of the great ways for us to motivate ourselves. Indeed, having a vision of what we want to achieve serves as a roadmap so that we know where we are going. Truly, there may be detours and accidents that we might face but it mustn’t hinder us. Rather it should drive us to have a strong will and put in mind that no matter how slow we go, we will be there. Thus, our future, I see it not just a life ahead of what we have now. It is more than that. In fact, it is the…show more content…
However, nothing is impossible instead it says “I’m Possible”. All sectors of society should work together. Even at our young age, we play a pivotal role in making our dream a reality. Our involvement should be far more than joining discussions, more than words, we need action. And every little action constitute to a bigger and better effect. As a youth, involving ourselves in community organizations that work to attain a better nation is important not just for ourselves but most especially for others. Through this, we will be a key in promoting the objectives of that organization. Furthermore, we should also immense ourselves to works that would make us one step closer to our goals. Each day, we have to think that our actions form part of the future that we wish to have. All the things that we dream, we can achieve it. I am positive with that. However, in order to change the world, we must first change ourselves. In order to inculcate peace, we must have peace within ourselves first. The way to teach others on how to care for the environment is through example. And through that, our influence will reach the world. We

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