Explain Why Is It Important To Stay In Touch With A Check

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Why is it important to stay in touch with my check The importance of staying in touch with my check is that he/she are provided to us for help in learning what needs to be learned, as well as creating some sort of bond with one that has experienced the exact trial you are currently experiencing. We must utilize our assigned checks when given a task that may be familiar to them. We must also show kindness and give attention to our checks so that when our final day comes, they will be there to help us through faithfully. Staying in touch with our checks is also a symbol of respect for baring the same task we hold now before us, and with that, he/she will show appreciation for us. It is always nice to get to know our checks anyway. They can share their experiences of when they were in our…show more content…
Our checks are also examples of what we need to be when a new line arises and we become responsible for lending our aide to them. Its all about strengthening our familyhood outside of our current immediate family. Proving that we deserve to be the place holder of what use to be their responsibility. Giving them a sense or idea that we are worthy of carrying the weight of their old responsibility and representing their number. The more our checks familiarize with us, the better and stronger the relationship will be. The greater the relationship between one and his/her check, the higher your chances are of receiving protection from them when the night of crossing comes. We know the road for our checks was not easy, as it is not easy at all for us. But through faithful communication, mutual understandings, and stable friendship we have already begun to display a true meaning of what brotherhood amongst fellow members near and far is all about. Our checks can be

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