Project Stakeholder Management

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Why is it important for project managers/leaders to develop a project stakeholder management process? Discuss stakeholders potential impact on the attainment of project objectives, goals, and critical success factors. First, we should know what is project, project is a complex, nonroutine, one time efffort, budget, resources, and performance spesifications designed to meet customer needs. Usually, project has a spesific date from the beginning until the end. That is why project managers need to manage the project from the start until the project done. Project managers are responsible on their projects, project teams, and customers to achieve their goals. It is important for project managers to develop a project stakeholder management process if you want to have a successful project a high level of stakeholder management is a must to have as when project managers develop a project stakeholder management process will allow the stakeholders to get frequent updates and information on the project and will not leave them out of the loop. Commitment is important in any relationship, developing a stakeholder management will result in having a more common purpose between the stakeholders and the project team themselves. There are a lot of benefits in creating a stakeholders management process and a few of them are, that You will be able to use the opinions of the most powerful stakeholders to shape your projects at an early stage. Not only does this make it more likely that they will support you, their input will usually improve the quality of your project, Gaining support from powerful stakeholders can help you to win more resources, making it more likely that your projects will be successful. Also it will allow you to communicate with stakeholders early and frequently, so to ensure that they fully understand what you are doing, and that they understand the benefits of

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