Patient Case Study: Hypothyroid Disease

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Stephanie Rallion Hypothyroid Disease (under active thyroid or myxedema (mucous swelling)) Patient Case Study Initial Presentation: Karen is a 29-year-old white female who was eight months pregnant at the onset of her illness. She is 5’2” and weighs 140 pounds. She has a son and daughter from a previous marriage. She also suffered from one miscarriage in the past. Today, Karen phones the PCP’s (Primary Care Physician) office and complains of a “sore throat and a temperature of 103.0 degrees.” She also describes what the nurse interprets to be mild uterine contractions (contraction…show more content…
Explain the pathophysiology underlying the patient’s abnormal ESR. With an underactive thyroid the patient would have an abnormal T3 and T4 count. These are the hormones secreted by the thyroid. Her fasting Glucose level was high as well. This could be due to a poor diet which would also explain the weight gain. It could also be due to the thyroid hormones being low as well. 4. Explain why the patient’s hands and face are puffy. Use an explanation that’s founded in medicine and physiology. 5. Explain the Pathophysiology behind the patient’s abnormal heart rate. Answer: The patients cholesterol is elevated which could cause an abnormal heart rate but I also think it is due to the lack of the right amount of T3 and T4. 6. List 6 lab results that are lower than normal but consistent with the diagnosis of hypothyroid disease. Answer: K+ (potassium) 3.5 meq/L, Ca+2 (Calcium) 12.0 mg/dL, T4, total 3mg/dL, FT4 6pmol/L, T3 80ng/dL, Calcitonin 0pg/ml. 7. Based on the Lab results, does this patient have primary or secondary hypothyroid disease? Explain why. Answer: Primary because her T3, FT4, T4 (all hormones secreted by the thyroid), are extremely low and according to the Thyroperoxidase antibodies and Thyroglobulin antibodies, her thyroid seems to not be working at

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