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Phenylalanine is a critical and required amino acid for the normal biological productions of proteins. The body requires a certain amount of phenylalanine because it does not produce it naturally. The human body obtains Phenylalanine thru proper diet. Thru the biological process of protein formation the body converts phenylalanine into tyrosine, which is essential to form required chemicals and proteins that the body needs to functions normally. Deficiency of phenylalanine causes numerous healthy problems such as altered state of mind, lack of energy, memory issues, confusion, and decreased alertness. High blood levels of phenylalanine can also be bad. High levels of phenylalanine can lower intelligence, causes anxiety and depression, and the inability to focus or pay attention. This is why phenylalanine is such an important molecule. Too much of it can cause problems and a deficiency also causes health problems, therefore it is important to be educated about it. The IUPAC name for phenylalanine is (2S)-2-Amino-3-Phenylpropanoic Acid. There are also common names of phenyalanine, L-Phenyalanine and D-Phenylalanine. Phenylalanine is a nonpolar hydrophobic molecule, which is why it is buried inside proteins. Phenylalanine is an aromatic compound with a melting point of 283 degrees Celsius. It has a solubility of 26.9 grams per mole. The structural formula can be seen on the cover page and it’s molecular formula is C9H11NO2. Phenylalanine is found in protein. It is found in dairy products, almonds, avocados, lima beans, peanuts, and seeds. Phenylalanine’s first written description of it was seen in the year 1879 by Schulze and Barbieri. Schulze and Barbieri proposed the empirical formula C9H11NO2. They identified it in yellow lupine seedlings. Three years later Erlenmeyer and Lipp were first to synthesize phenylalanine from phenlacetaldehyde, hydrogen

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