Environmental Shopping Essay

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Part 1: Go to a grocery store! 1.Talk to the manager whether they recycle paper and plastic bags. Make sure to determine whether the bags are actually recycled, or simply labeled recyclable. What do you think are the environmental costs of paper versus plastic bags? Which do you think is better or worse? How do these costs change with recycling? How about reuse? Publix offers in-store recycling of paper and plastic bags at all of our retail locations. Not only can customers drop off any brand grocery paper bag or plastic shopping bag for recycling, they can recycle plastic sleeves from dry cleaning and newspapers. I think that the environmental impact of paper is worse than the plastic bags because in the paper bag the would cost more to recycle and make. Paper bags cant be reused like plastic bags for garbage. 2. Choose five different products that come in different sized containers. Examples include flour and sugar (1 Ib versus 5 Ib bags), vegetable oils, wines (small versus large bottles), or cereal and powdered detergent (small versus large boxes). Make a short table of the products you chose. For each type calculate the cost per unit volume of that packaged in small versus large containers. This is done by dividing the price by the volume. Which is cheaper? Which uses more packaging per unit volume? Which is the better buy? Make sure you make comparisons for the same brand name, packaged differently (e.g. small versus large box). Oil | Mazola Corn Oil40 Oz $3.79 | Mazola Corn Oil64 Oz $7.99 | Sugar | Domino2 lb. $2.19 | Domino5 lb. $4.39 | Flour | Pillsbury All Purpose 2 lb. $1.99 | Pillsbury All Purpose5 lb. $3.59 | Detergent | Tide Powered 3.5 lb. $8.97 | Tide Powdered8.93 lb. $17.97 | Cereal | Kellogg’s Corn Pop17.2 Oz $3.38 | Kellogg’s Corn Pop21.04 Oz $3.44 | Prices Calculated Per Ounce Small Mazola Corn Oil Big

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