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Associate Level Material Appendix F Review the following two case studies. Each patient is being referred to a specialist for further evaluation of a nervous system disorder. Outline characteristics of the disease each patient is suffering from by answering the questions associated with each case study. Answer in your own words. Case Study 1 |Name |Myelin S. Heath | |Patient # |12312312 |DOB: |03/05/1986 | |Physician |Dr. Delgadillo |Date: |02/16/20XX | Interoffice Referral Form Ray D. Ology, M.D. A Doctor’s Office, North Campus 1515 N. Medical Plaza #151 Anytown, Anywhere 12345 Dear Ray, Myelin visited my office yesterday complaining of numbness in his right leg and face. He has also been experiencing muscle weakness and mild depression. I noticed a delay in his visual response in both eyes. I have referred Myelin to your facility because of possible multiple sclerosis, and I am requesting an MRI of the brain and spine. Please fax the results to me as soon as possible. Regards, Ruben Delgadillo, M.D. Answer the following questions. 1. What could have caused Myelin’s disease? Well, they may be driving at Multiple Sclerosis, for a bonus point, this is more prevalent at high lattitudes and there is a possible negative correlation with vitamin D levels. Other causative factors include lack of EFAs, whereby the body strips EFAs away from the myelin sheath of peripheral nerves to preserve the levels in the brain itself. Also stress, whereby EFAs are diverted to cortisol production. Cortisol production is more important even than peripheral nerve maintenance, when cortisol production stops, the danger is immediate and far greater than a numb hand. 2. What structure(s) and function(s) of the nervous system are affected by

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