Panera Bread: Formal Case Analysis

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Panera Bread Company is a bakery café that concentrates on supplying their customers with upscale baked goods along with a variety of meals that can be ready in a short amount of time. compared to the average fast food restaurant Panera Bread has found a way to upgrade the experience of eating on the go. Identification Panera Bread has put in place a specific strategy that includes offering a varied deli like menu that offers item that may more commonly only be available in a sit down restaurant. On the menu a customer will be able to find fresh baked goods of every variety, premium coffees, sandwiches, soups, and all American favorite macaroni and cheese, among others. As Panera Bread is primarily a bakery they are able to rely heavily on the sale of their fresh baked bread that is offered every day and other morning treats such as bagels and muffins. Panera has a focus in certain areas such as the urban and suburban areas, where customers are able to meet and gather with others, the café aspect is emphasized. With the café being designed to comfortable customers are enticed to spend time there and enjoy the free Wi-Fi. With this strategy Panera has been able to entice customers to come and enjoy all that they have to offer at all times of the day while purchasing their delicious products. The combination of being fast, comfortable and friendly Panera believes is enough to attract customers away from other establishments like their own. With Panera having a solid group of supplier’s costs have remained relatively low. Among the group of suppliers there are a number of facilities that yield fresh dough for each bakery-café. With their convenient locations dough suppliers are able to reach all locations efficiently on a regular basis. With the consistent use of fresh dough Panera is able to provide their customers with a quality product every time they visit.

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