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IMPROVED VERSION IMPROVED VERSION Shubham Sachdeva Class : HDW3X Date: 18-09-2013 Teacher: Jermaine Baloe Unit 2: Business Resources This is the improved version of M2. I have included personal skill column, which I had forgotten in my previous report. M2: Assess the importance of employability, and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in a selected organisation. Introduction. In this report I am going to show the importance of employability and personal skills required for a sales clerk of KTV/LCD/HiFi products at the mediamarkt. It is important for mediamarkt to know about an employee’s abilities when they are recruiting. In the table below I have justified my answers: Employability skills | How does this relate to the job description? | How will this help the person and the business be successful? | Rate on a scale of 1-6 how important the skill is (1=very important) | Justify your rating | Suitable qualification | It is important to attain the skills and requirements like diploma, being hard working and being patient with customers. if the work seeker has mbo work/thinking level, this will help them get a job for this vacancy. | If the employee contains the required skills for this job then the business can operate effectively and the work seeker gets the job | 1 | If the work seeker does not attain the asked requirements then he is not qualified to get the job. That’s why I think it is very important. | Experience in similar role | It is handy if the work seeker does have work experience in similar role because then he would have no problems with his work. An employer is also more likely to choose an employee that has experience in a similar role because it indicates that you can work effectively | The employee will have lesser problems and the department will be able to operate effectively. Also, if an employee
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