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Running head: PERSONAL VALUES IN RELATION TO KUDLER FINE FOODS Personal Values in Relation to Kudler Fine Foods Rachel Theodor University of Phoenix Personal Values in Relation to Kudler Fine Foods When thinking of personal values, initially these may seem easy to define. This, however, may not be the case when someone is required to make ethical decisions and put these personal values into play. Ethical decision-making is not always cut and dry. Personal values may be clear, but the process by which they are used in ethical decision-making may be more complex. People seem to hold certain values as their core belief, but many times these values overlap or become extended when dealing with ethical decision making. With this…show more content…
My score was a nine in this category with the next closest score a number one in character category. The basic concept of obligation in this sense is the idea of doing what is morally good as an individual. In the obligation category, the general belief is that people must decide how to act and what to use as guidelines for their actions. People should be respected as individuals and should make their own decisions. In addition, they should also be held accountable for these decisions. These ideas are thought to be true in most circumstances, but typically there are variations when dealing with each individual belief. Within the obligation category, certain issues may not always be handled easily. The strict belief to always do what is morally right may not leave much room for compromise in the business world. The inability to look past the right choice to the most beneficial one, the obligation to right versus wrong, and the idea of equality in the workplace may result in problems in the workplace for a person who holds these values within the obligation category. With this said, it is certainly valuable to know the individual ethical style and perspective held when entering a business atmosphere. This would allow for easier transition of ethical dilemmas into issues that can be accepted by everyone involved. This, in turn, would provide a better atmosphere for the company, the employees, and ultimately the…show more content…
If I were to find myself in management at Kudler, I believe my performance would be welcomed and appreciated by all levels. Of the issues that may arise, most would be corrected and resolved with relatively little confliction of ethical values on my part or the company. Of those that were not, I think a rational decision or plan of action would be easy to come to because of the similarity of ethics between myself and the company. It would be exciting to work for a company that is aligned so closely to my own

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