Explain What Reflective Practice Is

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UNDERSTAND HOW TO REFLECT ON PRACTICE ADULT SOCIAL CARE SETTINGS. 1.1 EXPLAIN WHAT REFLECT REFLECTIVE PRACTICE IS. The principles surrounding reflective practice are that it is a practice that allows us to reflect on our knowledge, ideas, experience and values that impact on our actions, it is a process where we can stand back and take time to think about a meaning given to a situation or set of circumstances in a particular time and place in relation to our self, others and a wider context. This approach offers a structure that enables multiple ideas from a variety of sources that are available. While in the work place I often experience many challenges, by taking a step back and evaluating the situation, my actions and experience I can make informed choices that can help me to perform in a caring productive way. When taking part in reflective practice you have to be open, honest, and non defensive, you have to think that by doing something different is not the same as doing something better. You need to ask yourself questions such as, how did I work? , Did I use my knowledge of the service user in the decision-making? , Were personal values involved? What could I do differently? , What would the outcome have been? And what do I need to do different? . In an idea world everyone should do this but in reality it may prove difficult for some people to participate in, this is connected to the need to be seen to do the right thing, it may also feel that you are facing criticism. Reflective practice is not criticism it is being open and honest about your strengths and areas for further development. If you are open and honest with others it can encourage others to be open and honest with you. Reflective practice in a colleague-based environment can build a work place with trust and respect as in a group you can explore and take a conscious look at emotions,
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