P1: Describe Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social Development for Each of the Life Stages of an Individual.

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P1: describe physical, intellectual, emotional and social development for each of the life stages of an individual. Conception: Physical: every human begins life as a single cell, we are all formed when a sperm fertilizes a mother’s egg. Pregnancy, birth and infancy (0-3 years): Physical: between birth and the age of 3, babies grown the strengths to learn how to roll, crawl, stand, walk and run. They also learn to talk, joke, rhyme and sign. There muscle development starts from head to toe, a child will first develop the control over there neck muscles. Intellectual: babies are born ready to communication and interact with other individuals especially there mother and father. From a very young age a baby will start to communication in a language, for example they will express their feelings and needs through gestures. emotional: babies are usually born with some of their emotions, during the first year of their life it is good to give a baby love, warmth and care to help them to gain the sense of being safe and also welcoming. The sense of being safe is a good base for the development of other healthy emotional responses. Social: in the first couple of years of your baby being born they are exposed to family members and other close family friends. Your family provide a solid base of self-esteem and confidence for the baby, in order to build a stronger social relationship with other individuals. Childhood (4-10) physical: at this stage in the children’s life between the age of 4-10 will enjoy physical activities and will love the fact that they have the strength to run, jump, climb, dance, ride there three-wheeled bike and swing. During this age group it is important that children do things safely and under supervision, also during this age group a child's brain growth will slow down the physical growth also slows, but they do have growth spurts.
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