Describe Attachment and Sociability

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Attachment is the relationship between two persons, that forms a bond for a healthy relationship. It provides safety which can help in forming relationships in later life. Attachment contributes to a person having self value, this is a persons opinion of themselves. They will also know the value of respect and have that respect for others and themselves. Attachment can form at any age but early attachments are formed through being sociable from birth, this happens through interactions with people from the moment they are born. An example of a social interaction that can later contribute to the child forming a bond is face recognition. This is being able to recognise familiar faces and therefore can be the start of a bond. If early attachment is made with another person, for example this may be the main carer, then the child is likely to go on to strengthen that bond until firm attachments are made. Attachment allows the child to learn trust and feel secure with the person they are bonding with, this is important in how they form relationships with others. Also the child is likely to develop strong self- esteem as they grow older. If the care giver makes the child feel secure and happy the child is more likely to develop a similar personality and a strong feeling of self worth. John Bowlby (1969) defined attachment as “a lasting connectedness between two human beings” (Http:// Attachment overall, is the foundations set by the caregiver or adult that can contribute to the child growing up knowing how to be caring and loving towards others as they mature. Sociability starts from birth and is the ability to be sociable and form relationships with others. Being sociable is a major part of attachment because if they are not sociable they may find it very hard to form relationships and could conclude in no attachment being
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