Over Parenting Essay

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Over-parenting. 1. Write a summary of Do 'Helicopter Moms ' Do More Harm Than Good? in about 150 words. Do 'Helicopter Moms ' Do More Harm Than Good is an article on the internet from 2005. It deals with a single mom, Robyn Lewis and her life has revolved caring for her sons, Ethan, 21, studying at Florida Gulf Coast University and Brendan, 18, a freshman. Lewis is organizing everything in their lives; emails, checking grades, bank accounts and other papers. She is taking care of their laundry and organizing their schedules. Basically she is making a huge effort on their behalf just to take good care of them. Helen Johnson, author of the book, Don't Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money, comments on Lewis situation with her boys and calls attention to the consequences. In the end of the article Lewis explains why she is acting the way she does and what letting go really means to her. 2. Give an outline of the attitudes to over-parenting expressed in texts 1,2 and 3. Text 1. In the article Do 'Helicopter Moms ' Do More Harm Than Good is Robyn Lewis the over-parenting mom for her two sons, Ethan and Brendan. She helps them organize everything; their private papers, but also their student emails. Lewis is working hard to keep everything in her sons lives in order. She is still doing their laundry and makes several memorandum for her two boys. Text 2. A mother steps back from the pull of over-parenting is an article on the Internet written by Bethany Young Hardy, 2010. She is telling her own life story about how she loosened up by her son's lead. Kian, her son, was three years old and a 'wild child' when she decides to participate in extracurricular activities which Kian does not think is that great. His mom decides to swearing off the 'Mommy and Me' classes and realise that her son is rambunctious and brooding, that he needs to do what he likes and now she
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