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A Dream World and a Monster This Boy’s Life by Tobias Wolff is a memoir which follows Tobias Wolff through ages ten to fifteen. Since he was separated from his father and his brother Tobias, later known as Jack, and his mother Rosemary are always on the move. The book follows Jack’s harsh childhood and his time on the road with his mother, searching for salvation and a practical lifestyle. As a mother Rosemary is unconventional wanting to travel and explore instead of committing to the role of a typical housewife. It is clear that she loves her son very much, but her well-meaning decisions can prove destructive. Amongst her worst decisions was to get married to Dwight. He is a seemingly nice man, but under the surface he is actually hostile and relentless, especially towards Jack. Dwight is unmistakably the antagonist of the memoir. He is a villain who steals Jack's happy childhood right out from underneath him. Dwight is cruel, a monster whose only motivation is to degrade and defile everyone he can.…show more content…
For example, in the book Jack is seen having various conversations with his friend Arthur about Dwight and how he treats him. He even plans to run away to Alaska This shows that Jack is calling out for help and that he needs a way to vent his frustrations he has built up inside of him because of Dwight. All the stress caused by Dwight causes Jack to gets mixed in with the wrong crowd at school as well. He befriends a group of kids that disobey rules, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and generally just do bad things. One day, Jack and his crew were hanging out, when they decide to siphon gasoline from the _________ car, they are a poor family with extremely antisocial children that live in poverty. Jack suggests this idea because he thought it would be fun, but in actuality it was a way of getting back at Dwight and acting out in order to find a way to stop feeling like Dwight’s victim, and instead prove a

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