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Outline the stages of development of attachment’s in babies and behaviours what can be observed in stages. Evaluate the evidence provided by psychologists in defining the stages. The first real attachment a baby will have would be the mother as this is the first person the baby would have seen. Human babies are not mobile immediately after birth as they are helpless. They have a relatively long period of immaturity and only begin to crawl at about 8 months. It would promote the survival of the infant by ensuring that the mother would stay close to the baby in order to protect them from predators. There are many different stages of development attachments and behaviour stages in how babies react. Firstly an attachment is an emotional relationship between two people, (In this case the mother and baby) that ensures the survival of the child as the child is physically helpless at birth as they cannot…show more content…
This includes the child feeling distress. The first stage would be seeking proximity. This is when the people who have an attachment want to be near each other and spend time together. The baby would maintain proximity by watching them carefully and howling when they go further away. The next stage then starts to get more intense as the child gets distress on the separation of the mother. The young child would show this from only a short period of time away from the mother. The next stage is then “joy on reunion”. The baby welcomes back their attachment” “the mother” by clinging on to the figure. This then turns into general orientation, and the attachments bring their attention to each other. Research from Schaffer and Emerson show that attachment behaviours developed in stages which were loosely linked to age. Most babies started to show separation anxiety from their attachment figure at around 25 – 32weeks (6 – 8 months) indicating an attachment had been

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