Working with Babies from Birth to 12 Months

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Working with babies from birth to 12 months The main factors that affect the health and development of babies in there first year are smoking, alcohol, drugs, quality of care and love, stimulation, nutrition, infections, medical conditions and genetic factors. Smoking restricts the amount of oxygen they receive in the worm and it affects their growth and development. When woman smoke during pregnancy their unborn baby is at risk of a low birth weight. Prematurity is a risk as the baby would find it difficult to develop and the woman would give birth before 38 weeks. Other related effects that include a higher incidence of cot death and asthma. This happens because the chemicals the woman are putting into there body’s will cause their developing fetus long term health problems. The chemicals going into the body are carbon monoxide, nicotine and cyanide. If woman take drugs they get into the bloodstream and cross the placenta. These drugs are ones that are not prescribed and are illegal. If they are being taken the baby is at risk mostly in the first 12 weeks when the foetus is developing. During pregnancy you cannot drink high levels of alcohol as the baby is going through critical development and this can cause them problems such as, mental disability, heart defects, cleft palate, hare lip, physical defects and kidney problems (FAS). In the first year of a baby’s life a bond between them and their parents needs to be formed. These relationships make a difference to the quality of care that the adult provides. When they provide good quality of care towards their new born baby it means physical care but also interaction, love and reassurance to make the baby feel safe. When emotional care isn’t as good the progress in a child’s life can be slower in many areas of development including growth and meeting their milestones. Babies need to be looked after and safe but

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