Should pregnant drug addicts be prosecuted?

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Pregnant Addicts 1 Pregnant drug addicts should be prosecuted because when using drugs while pregnant can cause birth defect, behavioral problems, and addiction. Using drugs not only harms the baby it also harms the carrier. Hundreds of babies are affected each year, because their parents chose to use while being pregnant. Birth Defects: Babies that are subjected to drugs have a higher rate of being born with a birth defect. Birth Defects enable the child to be fully developed. Babies born with a meth addiction can Suffer from low birth rate, tremors, attention deficit disorder, and other birth defects. An unborn child is not protected while in their mother’s uterus, so he/she are exposed to whatever the carrier intake is. An infant who has been exposed to drugs before birth has in increased risk of dying of SIDS also known as “crib death”. Behavioral Problems: Parental substance abuse can be destructive to a family and the relationship that exists within the unit. Children that are subjected to drugs as a baby has a higher risk of substance abuse, academic problems, behavior problems, and violence. Children who come from families involved with substance abuse often has impulsive behavior (Feaster, 1996). Addiction: “Alcoholism and drugs abuse in a family creates patterns in families” (Substance Abuse Training Tri-Town Head Start, 2007). Children who have parents that abused drugs or alcohol are at a much higher risk of becoming addicts. Research has shown that alcoholism in particular has a very strong genetic factor. A parent who is permissive about substance abuse is likely to send a message to their children that this kind of behavior is alright. Most children feel that if their parents do it, it must be acceptable (“ Children of Addict Parents”, 2005).

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