The Perez Family Essay

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The Perez family consists of Maria, Jamie, their children, and Maria’s mother living in one home. This is known as a three generational family form. Household composition varies widely in society. The family resides together, shares responsibilities in a manner that is flexible, adaptable and that provides for their needs. They have a unique system of interaction, communication, coping. Families change over time and are always developing and growing. As change occurs, the family adapts. Alice moved in with Maria and her family after the death of her spouse. This adaptation enable the family to cope with change and transition into a new stage of development in their lives. There are 9 family developmental stages, and the Perez family is currently in the Preschool stage. Their focus is on keeping a marriage strong and healthy, maintaining employment, and raising children. Unfortunately, this is a stressful time as Jamie is unemployed and they have a newborn with significant health issues. They young children need their parents’ supervision and guidance, and with the stress of an ill baby and financial restraints, the older child, Manuel is picking up on the tension. He has become serious and watchful of the 3 ½ year old. The 2 children at home may be losing attention and affection as the parents are focused on the infant. With Alice present this help strengthen the family and provide supervision for the 2 older children so Maria and Jamie can focus on Rosarie’s care. The family appears to have an open system, as they have adapted to stressful situations over time. The family has a strong foundation of supporting one another which is notable by Alice residing with them, and the children being friendly. As a community health nurse one would have to be aware of the family situation and roles. Whom makes the major decisions for the infants care? Maria, the mother?

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