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Every day, people are faced with having to make difficult decisions in their lives. At sixteen most kids are trying to decide what kind of car they want to drive or outfit they are going to wear on a date. I was challenged with making a decision that would affect not just me but my unborn child for the rest of our lives. In this paper I will discuss the circumstances, the choices that were available to me, the actual decision I made and the reason why. I was a sophomore in high school that had many dreams and goals to look forward to. I wanted to finish high school and start a career in nursing. My dream was to travel around the world and help people. I had been dating this guy for about a year and thought we were in love. I did not have…show more content…
I talked with an adoption specialist and was so overwhelmed with even the types of adoptions. Did I want to choose an open adoption and choose who I want the family to be? Could I deal with seeing my child occasionally and go through the pain of having to leave him at the end of the visit? I wondered if my son would be confused or impacted by any of this. The next choice was closed adoption. I would not be able to be a part of my son’s life. The adoption agency would choose the family and after birth I would not know anything more. I would always wonder what my son was doing, what does he look like, and is he okay? I did not want my son to think that I just gave him away because I did not love him or want him. I know I would never have a peace of mind if I went this route. I looked through adoption profiles of couples who were hoping to adopt. All their stories broke my heart and made me wish I had a baby for each of them. I then realized once more how incredibly lucky I was to be able to have a baby and the chance to love, care, and nurture him. In the back of my mind I knew choosing adoption for my child would be the most loving and unselfish decision that I could make. My child would be able to have all the opportunities and experiences that I want for…show more content…
I knew in my situation I was still young and actually had a lot more to learn about life and now parenthood. It was going to be difficult, but a huge part of me wanted to try. I had to be ready to grow up and be willing to give up on my dream of traveling around the world. That did not seem to bother me. I was able to talk with some teen moms about their experiences of having a baby. I received some negative feedback, such as not being able to do the things I normally would do at sixteen and the responsibly I would have as a teen. I had a high chance of becoming a statistic in teen pregnancy by living in poverty and my child having issues when he got older because he would not have a father. The positive feedback from the teen mothers was encouraging. She told me how the love and bond between mother and child is so strong that you can overcome anything. I also was told that I was not alone; there were many programs out there to help me along the way. That was encouraging to me to know that I did have help other than just my mother. With my mother’s knowledge and support I was convinced I could be a great mom. At six months I was determined to keep him. In the back of my mind I knew I wanted to keep him the whole time, I just needed to consider all of my options. I just could not come to terms with giving him away. I think I was selfish in my desion but I promised I would always give him

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