My Family Communication

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Assignment #1: My Family Communication Rosalinda M. Wollin Portland State University Abstract The following pages represent a description of what constitutes some families, along with what my family represents today. This manuscript will provide some examples of how members of my actual family communicate and facilitate ease of communication. In conclusion, I will attempt to describe the best working communication theoretical fit at this point in my academic career. My Definition of Family A family can consist of two or more people cohabitating with or without children. There can be blended, interracial, mixed families, as well as extended families. Families can have heterosexual or homosexual parents or consist of a couple. There are multigenerational families and sandwich generations who have the roles of being the caretakers of their parents and their children. A family can consist of good friends who want to be together to share. The family is a basic subsystem of the larger society. It is a building block to a bigger and better community. Everyone is born into some sort of a family or home, though there are orphanages. In our family of origin we learn to grow, develop, become socialized, develop morals, share, learn to deal with conflict, and become educated to go out into the bigger world. At this point in time my definition of family is a group of two or more people who desire to be together, to share things and ideas, and care for each other, to support each other, and contribute for the good of the whole. My present family is a blended family and consists of a stepfather, myself, and my two sons. I managed to marry my best friend, who also happened to be an acquaintance of my younger son, Phillip, who was 15 at the time. This was a good thing because both the boys are now becoming young adults, and my husband can still be a friend
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