Outline the Qualities of a Good Leader in Business Context.

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Leadership is the key part of being a successful manager. They set a clear direction for the business, often a new direction if circumstances demand it - and that others will be prepared to follow. It is the art of motivating a groupnof people towards achieving a common objective. Employees will want to follow a good leader and will respond positively to them. A poor leader will fail to win over staff and will have problems communicating with and organising workers. A god leader will need to have the desire to succeed and natural self confidence that they will succeed. They have to have the ability to think beyond the obvious. This means that they have to be creative and encourage others to do the same. They need to be multi-talented so they will be able to understand discussions about a wide range of issues affecting the business. They need to have a clear and sharp mind so they will be able to find the main cause of an issue rather than unnecessary details. A good leader will have to motivate employees, especially in an autocratic style of leadership. This is because workers will have to carry out the task and to carry it out efficiently they will have to be motivated. Workers are also motivated in a democratic style of leadership as there is two way communication and worker's opinions are considered. A good leader will also give good delegation. This mostly happens in laissez faire leadership style as there is more delegation given to workers who are trusted by the senior people about the business. He will also have to have a clear chain of command and span of control, especially in autocratic style as workers have to be well controlled and always need to be checked upon. He will also need to have good communication with other staff, mainly in paternalistic and democratic style of leadership. A good leader will need to get the job done

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