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Team B, Week 3 Reflection Don Schneider, Jeanette Stevens, Eunice Harris, Chantel Byrd MGT/311 February 17, 2014 Yolanda Spearman Team B, Week 3 Reflection During this past week, team B has discussed the different strategies in the development of effective teams and possible ways to resolve conflicts that may happen within the group. As we learned, there are many different ways to develop groups dependent on what their function and operation may be. Also, during the stages of development, there may be instances that conflict may arise. As our team looks back at this week’s discussions we identified which topics each of us felt comfortable with, any struggles we may have had and how the topics relate to our own lives. Comfortable…show more content…
By continuing to build and train teams to be effective ultimately can produce positive results for any organization. Along with this, proper motivation and supervision is required. In some instances, teams are a direct reflection of their management and supervisors, though there are some instances in which they are not. Managers and supervisors that lack the skills to effectively train and guide their team will only set the team up for possible failure. Managers should have direct influence in the way teams operate and function. Each team B member is affected in their daily lives by team organization. This is either by managing teams or being part of a team at work. Conclusion As team B moves forward, we each take note on how to effectively learn and expand our own knowledge on team organization. Taking weeks one and twos understanding of how each individual is different, we have the ability to merge that into how to effectively establish and organize teams. Having this knowledge as well as how to resolve possible conflicts will assist the team in achieving their goal of future success in personal and professional lives.

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