Mgt307 Week 1 Dq1

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Prior to answering the discussion question, please listen to the week’s VangoNotes and complete the assigned readings: How are organizations similar to living things? What is the organizational behavior model and its focus? Why is it important to understand organizational behavior? Organizations are similar to living things because they each require things to help them grow, discipline to make them function in a normal manner and attention. In my opinion a business is like a baby and they both require special attention to survive in this world. For a business to be successful it first needs a good foundation on which to build the business upon. The foundation is the business structure of the business and how it will be organized. This is similar to a baby because the child needs a foundation of ethics upon which to be raised on. The only way a business will grow is to ensure that there is money coming in to the business and it continues to grow. The organization has to have a good financial health just like a baby needs good nutrition to grow. The organization cannot just rely on the income alone but there also has to be constant management and overview to keep the business on its growth track. This is also like a child in that there has to be constant supervision to make sure the child is growing up the correct way. The organizational behavior model is a study on how individuals, groups, and structure interact with each other and the impacts they pose. The focus of this model is how certain actions or situations affect each of the three steps and how they all interweave with each other. It is important for organization to focus on this because it helps them better plan their management of the employees, what polices can be practiced and how they can control the growth of the business by utilizing all their
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