Outline and Evaluate the Multi Store Memory

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Outline and evaluate the multi-store model of memory. (12 marks) The multi store model of memory is the system that describes the process of memorising things and is an information processing system that we all have. The MSM is split into three sections they are: sensory, short term memory and long term memory. The researchers that came up with this idea were Atkinson and Shiffrin in 1968. They investigated the idea that memory wasn’t a single process but involved more than one stage. Also, different stages in memory operate together, giving us a good memory. However, some people’s memory is better than others. There are three different sections. The first section is the sensory memory. Information is detected by the sense organs (sight and hearing). Information can be picked up by sight which is called iconic store, and information picked up from sound is called echoic store. Sensory memories only last just long enough for them to be transferred into the short term memory. The duration of this section is ¼ to ½ a second. When the information is transferred to the STM. This is the part of the memory that holds information that you are knowingly thinking about at a certain time. The process of encoding in this section is done acoustically. This means that information is encoded preferable to sound. The duration of short term memory is less than 30 seconds. If information is held for more than 30 seconds it will be put across to your long term memory. Research has shown it is around 18 seconds. Therefore, it is limited. Studies have also shown that the capacity of this part is between 5 and 9 items this was concluded by Miller in 1956 and Jacobs in 1890. Jacobs investigate the serial digit span. He concluded that the average digit span was 7+/-2. he also, found out that as you get older we get
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