Outline and Evaluate the Multi Store Model of Memory (12)

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Alyce Archer 12D2 Outline and evaluate the multi store model of memory (12) Atkinson and Shiffrins (1968) multi store model of memory is a diagram explaining how the information flows in a linear process from one storage unit to another in a structural process. The model is made up of three unitary stores: Sensory memory, which takes in the enviromental stimuli (touch, smell, sound, sight and taste). This information can decay in as little as 2 seconds if it is not attended to. However if you do pay attention to it it will flow through to the Short term memory, where 5-9 items can be stored at one time, the duration of this is 18 seconds then it will decay or be displaced by new infromation, unless rehearsal takes place. There are two types of rehearsal: Maintance rehearsal and Elaborate Rehearsal. Maintance rehearsal is when you repeat something over and over to keep it in your STM. Elobrative rehearsal is when you rehearse something in detail and it goes into your LTM, after it has entered your LTM there is a unlimted capacity and duration however if information is not learnt properly in the first place it can decay/interface. information can also be retrieved back to the STM when needed. Evidenece supporting the MSM comes from Squire et al(1992) who noticed when long term memory is engaged the hippocampus was active but when the short term memory was engaged the prefrontal lobes were active. This supports the MSM of memory and shows different parts of the brain are used for different types of memory. Suggesting that the memory is split into different unitary stores. However contridicting this is Craik and Tulving's experiment where they gave participants a list of nouns and asked questions about the different words. There was 3 different types of questions; shallow proccessing questions 'is this word in capitals?', phonemic proccessing questions 'does this

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