Organizational Behavior Executive Summary

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Organizational Behavior Executive Summary The purpose of this summary is to compare and contrast the following organizations: Olive Garden Italian Restaurants, Wolf pack Entertainment and U.S. Military. We will also analyze how certain internal and external forces affect organizational behavior for each organization. Olive Garden Italian Restaurants Olive Garden is a well-known, worldwide, casual Italian dining restaurant chain. Olive garden is a branch of the Darden Restaurant Corporation that currently owns 1,900 restaurants worldwide. Olive Garden is known for being a successful nationwide business. The Darden Restaurant Corporation is expanding its Italian food chain to countries such as Mexico and is in speculation about opening a restaurant within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, not all of Darden’s restaurants are expanding. In Canada, the number of Olive Garden Restaurants is dwindling due to being part of an overcrowded casual dining market and competing with pricing pressures. Currently, there are eight remaining Olive Garden locations in Canada. The company’s success stems from The Darden Restaurant Corporations knowledge of taking on a competitive edge and advantage. With the economy in its current state, Darden’s corporate executives noticed what guests were responding to and purchasing and what competitors were using to bring in business. When restaurants began to sell economy influenced meal deals, for example, Chili’s two for $20.00 deal, Olive Garden created a three-course meal deal for one for $12.95, which also included unlimited soup or salad. Furthermore, Olive Garden has been the leader of lunch specials since their introduction of their homemade unlimited soup and salad lunch deal for $6.95. Olive Garden is also known for its popular never-ending pasta bowl, which is offered for three months during the year at the low price of

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