Organizational Behavior and Leadership

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Organizational Behavior & Leadership Bradly Orchard LET 1 Task 2 317.1.5-03-05 Organizational Behavior & Leadership Introduction Today, leadership is considered to be one of the most important functions of management that helps in maximizing an organizations ability to achieve desired organizational goals. Organizations are built on leadership and when there is effective leadership in the organization, it attains success in all activities undertaken, experiences growth and retains efficient employees. Leaders are considered the essence of the organization because he/she is the one person who provides motivation, creates confidence in his followers, provides guidance, builds morale, coordinates effectively, and builds a smooth working environment (Kotlyar & Karakowsky, 2006). Effective organizational leaders maintain a delicate balance between understanding organizational goals and employee needs. Organizations with the right leadership skills and elements have satisfied employees that ultimately build organizations. Leadership studies of 1939 identified different leadership styles. Every person differs in their behavior and personality thus they possess different leadership styles (Bernard, 2008). In this paper I am going to analyze the situation of an organization that has different leadership styles and there effects on employee performance. The purpose of this paper is to let leaders know about different leadership styles and behaviors and their impact on employee performance. Leadership Style Executive A After analyzing the situation I found that Executive A possesses Level 5 leadership style. According to level 5 leadership, these leaders do not seek success for their own glory. The success is necessary so that the organization and team can thrive (Kotlyar & Karakowsky, 2007). These leaders have humility, they are the first to accept

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