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Observation SETTING: The location I chose to do my observation was at Mi Escuelita Daycare located on Milwaukee’s southside. The age group I observed was 2-3. The children start their day gathered around on a circle rug in the middle of the classroom . When all the children have put up their belongings and are all seated the teacher begins to clap her hands. The children follow along. As a group they begin to sing “Good Morning, Good Morning.” They mention each child’s name after saying “Good Morning, Good Morning.” At about 10am one of the caregivers begins to prepare the children’s breakfast. As she prepares their breakfast the other caregiver allows the children to look outside a window that is located at the end of the classroom facing a busy street. She then asks the children “ what do you see outside today?” The children each talk over one another “a rabbit, the park, a blue car, a bus.“ The children then form a line to eat their breakfast. After breakfast the children have free play. The center is not very large but this classroom is spacious enough to conduct several activities in different areas of the classroom. Behavior: The first behavioral issue that occurred was between a female and a male child. The female wanted to help build in the block area but the male child would not allow her to. She began to cry and knocked over the tower the male child had built. This made the male child very angry and so he went over to the caregiver and told her what had occurred. The caregiver asked him “ _______ you seem very upset take a deep breath and let me know what is wrong.” He responds’’___________ kicked my blocks.” The caregiver responds “Well that wasn’t very nice of ______ .Do you know why she would do such a thing?” He replies “Shes stupid.” The caregiver replies “ That’s not a kind word _________ how about we ask her why she kicked your

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