Obligarchy And Democracy In Ancient Greece

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In Ancient Greece There Was two Major forms of Goverment Obligarchy and Democracy. The city States that best represented each goverment were the Spartans Who Were The Obligarchy goverment and the Athens Who Were The Democracy Goverment. The Athens goverment was fair and Advanced for its time. It did not Meet The needs Of Greeks during the time of military battles. Athens decided to worry more about culture. The Spartans Goverment had A War Like Attitude and best met the needs of ancient Greece. The Athen democratic government, gave the citizens in Greece more freedom. Only Some of the total population of Athens actually had voting rights and all of these citizens were upper class men who were over thirty years old. Women were given…show more content…
The Spartans Had More Military Based stuff. The Spartan's Wanted To Win Everything . Most Girls Had To Take At least one military Class. The Spartans Did not Give There Citizen's alot of freedom time. The Athens economy was more commercial, trading and agriculture. Arts were important, especially music, dance, and architecture.Sparta was also agricultural, but more interested in the arts of warfare. They had one of the largest armies of Greece, and Spartan boys started training for the military as young as age 6. Each had slaves, but Sparta more. Both loved gymnastics, and felt that sports were important for keeping the body healthy. They Mostly Got all there stuff off trading crops and their valuable things . For that specific time period the oligarchy government in Sparta wasbetter for the Ancient Greeks than the democratic government in Athens. The government in Athens worried more about the citizens of its city-state then its own well-being. The Spartan oligarchy may not have given its citizens a lot of freedom but it was successful in gaining attention
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