Han China And Athens

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Han China and Athens There are any similarities and differences between Han China and Athens. Some Similarities are class distinctions and women did not part in politics. Also citizens approve leaders and leaders are chosen based on ability. These are characteristics of both Han China and Athens. Centralized vs. decentralized governments are huge differences between these civilizations. Also geography, concept of good citizen, and emphasis on power of man are differences. Both Han and Athens saw social class distinctions as normal. They didn’t think having different levels of social class was anything but customary (document 2 and 3). In documents 2 and 3 you can easily tell that event the population is divided into social class going from the top of the class to the bottom. Mencius said “there are those who use their mind, and there are those who use their muscles.” Mencius is saying that the philosophers, the ones who use their mind, are most important or at the top of social class. He is also saying that the people who use their muscles are lower in the social class in the “mean people.” This is because Han China saw these types of people as unskilled workers. Some of the people who were classified as “mean people” were merchants, artists, and slaves. In Athens if you were actively involved in politics you were high in class. Another similarity between these classical civilizations was that women did not have as great of rights as men (documents 2 and 3). Men were thought to be the workers that do the jobs and participate in politics. Women were expected to stay at home and raise a family. On document 3 it says that “women make up 50% of ever category except for bureaucrats and appointed officials, who were male only. This shows that in Han China women were not involved in politics. It was a male’s task to accept leadership and participate in
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