Obituary of Oliver Cromwell

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Obituary of Oliver Cromwell Oliver Cromwell was an English military and political leader who is best known for his overthrow of the monarchy. Oliver Cromwell was born in Huntingdon on April 25th 1599. Cromwell was born into the middle Gentry; his lifestyle resembled the lifestyle of a Yeoman Farmer until he received an inheritance from his uncle. When he was 29 years old, he became a member of parliament for Huntingdon. 12 years later, he became a member of parliament for Cambridge. His ambition was to turn England into a republic. He did many good things but also some very bad things. Many people think he was a very bad person but some people believed strongly in what he did. Before the 1600s, when there was a war, people would have been picked off the street and been given weapons but not trained or qualified to fight. Oliver Cromwell picked up on this and took people off the street and trained them how to fight. This would have made the parliament really like him because if he has a trained army, they are much more likely to win the war. Obviously, this would make the opposite side despise him much more and they did copy his idea to train the army. This process took a very long time to get all the people, train them, give them weapons and to fight. In 1645 Oliver Cromwell’s trained army destroyed the king’s forces at the battle of Naseby. In 1649, Cromwell’s 12,000 strong forces stormed Drogheda, north of Dublin. Charles I was put on trial for treason which lead to execution. Many people blame Oliver Cromwell for this, although there were 59 signatories to the death warrant. Oliver Cromwell rose from the middle ranks of English society to be Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland, the only non-royal ever to hold that position. He undertook the most complete and the most brutal military conquest ever undertaken by the English over
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