Why Was the Roman Army so Successful?

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Why Was The Roman Army So Successful? The Roman Army conquered an empire and stretched it all around the Mediterranean Sea, this firstly proves that it was a very successful army. The roman army has a lot of elements to make it a fantastic and successful, for example: recruitment; tactics; organization; equipment and training. First, the Roman army’s recruitment is important. The Roman army will only hire the people who want to be a soldier or to fight with people because the volunteers want to fight, but the people who were forced to join the army will not like to fight or help the army a lot so they can make the whole army beaten up by the opponents. The Roman army also hire people who are strong, because the soldiers’ equipment was really heavy so they need strength to hold. The soldiers also need to take their own equipment too. The Roman army need to march of run between the battle for a long distance for going to a safe place to hide and defend. Not only recruitment is can make Roman army successful, the tactics of the Roman army is also much more important. Second, the Roman army’s tactics is the second important of the Roman army. The Roman soldiers have knowledge and tactics to fight, so they can beat their opponents. The Roman army is really good at tactics too, they knew the basics of fighting then start the harder ones. The Roman soldiers knew how to use the equipment to fight them, they know how to form in to groups to defend or attack. To make them much stronger, and much more successful, the use special equipment to protect themselves. Third, Roman army’s equipment is the third important of the Roman army. The Roman soldiers need a lot of strong and protective equipment to attack and defend, they have 6 equipment. The PILUM is a long stick with a “pyramid” shaped head, so when the pilum is poked into the shield or the body, the metal will
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