How Did William Gain And Maintain Control

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How did William gain and maintain control? William Duke of Normandy, invaded England in 1066. This invasion led to him being crowned King of England and the start of Norman control over England. William of Normandy and his troops landed on 28 September 1066 at Pevensey, East Sussex. They built a motte and bailey castle near Hastings. On 14 October 1066, The English army fought the invading Normans. King Harold died in the Battle of Hastings and that left William the only living claimant to the throne. He was crowned King William I on December 25th 1066 at Westminster. The first few years of William’s control were spent gaining control of the parts of England that opposed him; in 1069 Swein Estrithson of Denmark landed in the Humber and supported the English Earls who were already against King William. William immediately marched north and destroyed everything on his way there. This was known as the Harrying of the North. He told his troops to kill and burn everything in his path. This devastated the land, so that instead of the people of the North fighting against him, they had to concentrate on just surviving instead. To keep control of the country, William I designed stone castles that were stronger against the fire arrows and battering rams that the Saxons used in battle. It was easier for William to take control of the wooden Saxon forts. William’s men built stone castles on hilltops that gave the soldiers a good view of what was happening around them. They could see enemy troops before they got too close. A castle on a hill was also hard to attack because Saxon soldiers had to climb up the hill while the Norman troops in the castle shot at them with arrows. For extra safety they built a deep ditch around the castle filled it with water and turned it into a moat. The moat had a bridge that the Normans could raise to keep the Saxons out. King William
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