Was General Haig a Butcher of the Somme

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Was General Haig a Bucher or Hero? The battle of the Somme took place from 1st July to 13 November in France near the River Somme; the battle was a big part of the First World War which was between the Triple Entente (Britain, Russia and France) and the Triple Alliance (Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary) which was one of the most devastating battle the world had ever seen as It took so many lives within hours of the start of the battle. The Somme was the battle in which Britain and Germany fought a horrendous battle in where innocent lives were lost in the first hour or though. General Haig who was a new commander and in charge of the British army was the man who initially came up with the plan which consisted of innocent lives being lost, however he did not regret it, he thought it was a worthy sacrifice which led to the Victory of Britain. Haig only intention was to breakthrough to get the German trenches and defeat the army once and for all. The battle took more than 1,000,000 lives and as it was the bloodiest battle throughout the history, it is said that more than 20,000 soldiers died in the first hour and more than 60,000 casualties on the first day. The soldiers that took part in this insidious war were as young as 14 and had no training and they did not know that they’ll die so young. The Somme ended in bloodshed and the human cost was very high, 420,000 British soldiers and 200,000 French soldiers had died for their country, almost as many as the Germans added together. This insidious war The Somme was the most tragic moment for Britain and British history. Sir Douglas Haig was one of the most important general/soldier in the First World War; under his command the British army defeated the German and won the First World War. Although a great victory for his country he is not remembered as a great hero, in fact he was remembered as the butcher of the
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