Explain Why The First World War Was Responsible For The Fall Of The Romanovs

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Chris Purchase Within the context of the period 1815-1917, how far was the First World War the main cause of the fall of the Romanovs in February 1917? February 1917, the First World War is going badly for Russia; supplies not getting through to the soldiers; huge numbers of Russian soldiers dying, wounded by the German army on the eastern front; Nicholas II lacking in military experience resulting in costly defeats for his army. Back home in Petrograd, the country is in chaos. Rasputin has been murdered and the revolutionaries are gaining in strength. So the question is... how did the rule of the Romanovs fail after 300 years in power? There is an ongoing debate among historians about the importance of the First World War as a cause…show more content…
As it was them who started the protest which turned into a revolution and also they were the ones behind the mutiny of the troops. However, the military was having many problems such as the war was going horribly wrong with many casualties, poor commanding from officers and limited military resources and equipment. The peasants were doing the fighting and the dying. So this could be a small contributing factor to the fall of the Romanov's on several different reasons. Firstly the tsar did not help the peasants personally, but instead leave the burden to the prime ministers when they cannot rule like a democracy today. Also it leads to the growing economic problem which is a major factor in why the Romanov’s failed. The war came, the economy was shattered, and it could not last for 4 years of heavy warfare. A war in which it would not be over by Christmas as many wanted. But it wasn’t the prime ministers sole fault the agriculture failed, Russia did have four Dumas during this time and although their power was restricted, the tsar did come close to fall in power in 1905
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