Nyc Subway System: Good or Bad

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The NYC Subway System was built was in 1903. During this time, there was a great need for a major transportation system in the city. The subway system was one the most ingenious inventions at the time. It really provided the perfect transportation for people in the city. The cars and tracks were clean and free of graffiti. It was also very efficient and ran on time a lot. There was very little to complain about the system. But as the years passed on, the system began to deteriorate in its usefulness. The system became a breeding ground for dirt and crime. The cars started to fall apart and the subways never seemed to come on time anymore. The NYC subway system became known as one of the dirtiest and failed systems in the world. The NYC Subway System is notorious for being one of the most unsatisfying experiences for people. There are a plethora of problems with the system that the city refuses to ix. One of the main problems with the subway is the dirt and grime that are overrunning the carts. Everywhere you look there are piles of garbage lying around on the platforms. There is an inadequate amount of trash cans on the platforms. Due to this problem, people resort to throwing their used napkins, cans, and wrappers on the floor. The subway platforms are home to sticky surfaces where your feet get caught and odor saturated areas. There’s always soda or coffee spills that you have to constantly keep looking at you feet to make sure that you don’t step in anything. Not only are the platforms dirty, but the subway cars are extremely filthy. The amount of gum that is stuck on the seats, handrails, and windows is getting out of hand. People are constantly stepping in or sitting on wads of bubblegum and ruining some of their expensive work and/or street clothes. Along with the dirt and garbage piling up, another big problem begins to grow: rats. The NYC subways are

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