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K2 . Is it a problem? this synthetic drug causes 53%of the consumers to obtain brain damage or memory loss. Even the stores that sell K2 have a dreadful smell that I think makes you feel like you are choking because it is thick. There are dozens of shops that sell K2 and they don't care where the shops are and the causes it has on the surroundings. One example of this is a shop in Manurewa that is named "high zone " which is poorly located right behind a well-used bus stop that is used to go to Southmall, a popular mall in Manurewa. My grandmother had to use this bus stop once and said that she kept coughing and it felt like she was choking on all the fumes the store was producing. K2 can also lead to problems such as lung cancer and heart disease. K2 is one of the two most…show more content…
program "Fair go" where they sent people that were not old enough to buy the drug legally. three out of the five stores they tested sold them the drugs and one of the actors was only fourteen years of age, so practically anyone can purchase the substane if they wanted to. The man who sold the drugs to the fourteen year old did not get fired and could possibly still be selling it ilegally. K2 was first formed in the mid nineties in the lab of organic chemist John W. Huffman of Clemson University, who studdied cannabid receptors. He's not sure hoe the formular for what is named JWH-018 (his initals) was obtained, but he did publish details on a collection of compounds including JWH-018 in abook chapter. Even before the book was published, Huffman recalls that in China and Korea people were selling the substance as a plang groth stimulant. As for where it was first smoked or used as a drug, Huffman thinks prehaps somewhere in Europe. so the drug K2 is: harmful to your health, costs you tons of money and wasn't even suppose to be used as a drug. I think that these are legitimate reasons not to use K2 and if you disagree with me, well it's your

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