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Conditions of the Trenches The conditions of the trenches in WWI were unbearable. These conditions were unbearable because of the rats and the different gases that were released. Many soldiers died in the trenches due to the conditions, not just from fighting. There were rats down in the trenches. (Remarque 101) The rats ate all of the soldier’s food, and contaminated all of their belongings with droppings. Even if the food was contaminated, the soldiers had to eat it because they couldn’t waste throwing it away. (Remarque 102) “We cannot afford to throw the bread away, because then we should have nothing left to eat in the morning so we carefully cut off the bits of bread that the animals have gnawed.” (Remarque 102) Many of the soldiers were scared to go…show more content…
The gas was too strong to endure without a gas mask. The gas that was in the trenches had chlorine in it. (World War I in Color) There was even barbwire in the trenches that the soldiers had to avoid. (Remarque 113) That is how bad the trenches really were. They had to watch every step they took. Most people and generals thought the trench warfare was not bad until they had to go down in them. Yes they offered protection to a certain extent, but they also hurt many soldiers. “Beside me a lance-corporal has his head torn off. He runs a few steps more while the blood spouts from his neck like a fountain.” (Remarque 115) That was caused by a fire that lifted 100 yards. The soldiers had no escape from the fire because they were down in the trenches. That is a reason why trenches were not good at times. Overall the trench warfare was great for defense. Sometimes the trenches cause more deaths then they protected. There was gas, lack of food, and mines in the trenches. Those really did not help keep soldiers alive. Life was brutal in the trenches, just plain

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