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Taylor Carson 8/16/2011 English 0950 Basic, Reading, & Writing Diagnostic Assignment In Response to the Authors article there is nothing that I can disagree with. I concur with his opinions and perspective. In fact I believe his article is raw and dead on. He’s actually one of the few that has spoken out in such a way of truth and brutal honesty. Nobody wants to hear that their city is full of poverty, mishaps, illiteracy and, No hope. Especially the citizens of Detroit I believe my city takes things the hardest, but can still accept the fact that this is a crisis. The parents of Detroit pride, integrity, and humility is attacked the most because of how much the financial situation along effects their children. Now the education crisis in Detroit Public Schools has ruined us for an unimaginable long time. Just as the authors makes clear in his article. Now for me I have…show more content…
There are people to blame for my cities downfall. Due to all the stealing that was going on in council has caused a large deficit. In recent years this has been the cause of the depressing state my city is in. its ruined state of minds so bad to the point we don’t believe in ourselves as much. Also the lack of teacher & student relations has even ruined my generation we feel as though there’s no one to fight for us. Are neighborhood crisis is just as bad as our education crisis and that’s just as bad as our financial crisis. These are the top three issues we face. For some it’s hard to acknowledge experience and use it to humble themselves. Instead we look at the worst and allow it to worry us. Then we become bitter, depressed, self-hating, ignorant, and Helpless, and Hopeless. So that would be another way we lack education. We tend to give up to easy. There are a lot of so called spoken and suggested solutions to help Detroit. But they quickly become Non- Factors and progress takes 2 steps forward and 100 steps
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