Untouchables Essay

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“Untouchables” by Jonathan Kozol is a horrible truth about people who live on the streets across the America. “Thousands of American people live in dumpsters behind restaurants, hotels, and groceries,” he says. The author provides tremendously detailed stories of homeless people that are homeless not by choice, but certain circumstances have happened in their lives that put them in their current situation. He points out a deficit of compassion and understanding, shortage of sympathy that leads to indifference and unconcern. It turns out that people not only careless, but also rude and label homeless as “undesirable” or even “trash”. “Untouchables” shows how homeless people survive while others are trying to get rid of them or evict from the streets. There are many thick and gruesome examples try to play with the guilt of people. In addition, they do not have any compassion because they do not understand what the homeless people are going through. "Attitudes towards the homeless have gone from indifference to pitying to hatred," says Kozol. He made his point very clear; people who do not understand homeless people and their individual situations are ignorant and have no real empathy to the struggles they face on a day to day basis. Author describes heartbreaking situations; how people avoid touching the hands of the homeless people while giving them money, how Amtrak officials do not let them use the bathroom, and how homeless woman dies of pneumonia just because ambulance was not called in Grand Central. Without understanding, there is no compassion; Kozol emphasizes this main theme throughout the essay. This article just hit my heart and made me feel very emotional. It is horrifying what people do to homeless people and how they treat them. It is easy to walk by the old man with the cup begging for money because we justify that the man must have done something
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