Ww1 Trench Diary Report

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december, 1914 I am sorry if those words are scrawled. My hands are shaking with the adrenaline. Those dark, tench walls seem to be closing in on me, suffocating me. All i can smell the think, dank smoke. Splatters of crimson blood drip here and there i cannot bear to look. The sky is a dull grey, rain soaking my hair and cloths. I am frozen t the bone. i am worried because i have lost feelings in both my legs, and it pains me to walk. my hands are as purple as the mangled bodies lying about. I see rats the size of dogs attacking the dismembered limbs, and the sight was almost to much to bear. Tatters of army uniform, like my own are flown about everywhere as i peep above the trench. Thick, gassy aromas make my stomach churn as i do so.

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