Creative Writing , Hurt Locker, "War Is a Drug"

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Hurt locker … war is a trap, it`s a vicious circle. In which most likely alternative is death. All round the lining of horizon there was chaos , noises and the air was filled with most terrible odor of decompostind bodies. Everything was gray, grim and the only lively color was red. Splashed blood leaves marks on buildings, roads and clothes. And in their mouths not once they felt it`s sweet metallic taste. James; husband, father but most of all a bomb disposal ; a man for who war became a way of life. Impulsive, rough by friends seen as reckless and not responsible mad cap. He lives by his own rules. And he is like an closed book .James`s job fills whole of his life. He is willing to sacrifiy himself for it. It gives him the does of adrenalin needed to act, James is adicted to it like to cigarettes. Mask of the duramen is there to protect him like a shiled. There are moments where shiled brakes just for a fragment of a secend, then in James`s heart sharp pain pierces through, it feels like stabbing with a dull knife. Big hard man disappears and feeling of grief and helplessness appears. For this very short time his book opens up to the world, and then it closes back again. Hot air waves on the surface of the earth making it difficult to see and observe the area. Quiet. Like just before the storm. Bomb disposal is focused and alert. At any time may fall shot from nowhere. Sniper on the roof, balcony... Ordinary people ? Each one of them could be the one to give death. Bullet ; small metal ball, travels great distances before it reaches its target. It cuts through thick air, strike into somebody’s head, chest and rips up their guts. Or it flies through their bodies as if it was looking for another victim. Here, in the death zone there’s no time for fear and uncertainty. At any point can be hidden explosives. Pile of rubbish, electrical wire sticking out of
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