Nutrition Benefits Of Potassium

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My total calorie intake was below the recommendation according to ChooseMyPlate. I was supposed to have a diet of 2200 calories instead of 1651. Increasing my caloric intake helps to gain weight which I do not need it, but put on quality pounds in the form of lean muscle I should make these calories come from healthy sources. I will add starchy food such as sweet potatoes, corn and bananas that are higher calorie choices (Nutrition and You pg. ). Calories are very important for our health, they have the very basic important job of helping you stay alive. The calories fuel the tissues of your body like your heart, liver, brain, and kidneys, and if your intake is too low you will have several health problems. The recommendation…show more content…
It is responsible for communication between nerves and muscles, as it helps to move all the nutrients inside the cells. Potassium brings numerous benefits to muscle, nervous, circulatory and bone health. This mineral also helps in weight loss and also in gaining muscle mass. There are also other benefits of consuming this mineral for food. Potassium is a vasodilator, which means it prevents heart disease and also high blood pressure. For those who already have these problems, it provides relief from the symptoms. Cortisol and adrenaline are hormones that, when overproduced, cause the effects of stress and anxiety. When the body has good potassium levels, the production of these hormones is moderate, which means good relief from the symptoms of stress and anxiety. I did not consume enough high potassium foods. I should add into my meals high potassium foods, such as…show more content…
The absence of the vitamin may occur due to lack of food in people's diet. This nutrient deficiency can cause the famous "night blindness," which, if left untreated can cause injury to the cornea and blind the person. In addition to this consequence, the immune system in childhood can be affected and thus lead to death from infections, since fighting without vitamin A, proves to be more difficult. I will increase portions in meals to balance my vitamin A intake such as cheese, eggs, milk, and broccolis. My intake of vitamin D was deficient as well. The body would be unable to absorb calcium without vitamin D, and that vitamin is unique because the source of most vitamin D is obtained through sun

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