1.2 Week Reflection

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I really tried to make things different during my second week of analysis, and they were a little different than they were in the first week, but there were still a lot of things that needed improvement. I managed to keep my saturated fat under the normal percentage. My percentage was 8.6% and the normal is 10% for my diet. I also drank a lot more milk this week so that I could reach the recommended goal of 3 cups. I had a hard time drinking just plain milk, so I put some chocolate syrup in it and that made it much better but a lot less healthy. I thought that this week I may try a different solution because I know that this is not the healthiest. Although my fat intake went down this week and was way better than last week, I still had too much of it in my diet. I had 38.3% and the recommended is only 20% to 35%. My sodium intake was still over the correct amount. I think that this is because I am still eating out and many of the foods from fast food restaurants have a lot of salt in them. I also still did not do very well eating the meat and beans this week. I really do not like meat and I do not know what I am going to do about that problem. This week…show more content…
Watching what you eat and knowing what is and is not healthy for you. I tried to eat salads and chicken sandwiches when I would eat out, but sometimes the dressing for the salad is more unhealthy than I realized. It is also very hard for me to not eat out because of going to school, so I am still working on solutions for that problem. Although there were not many improvements this week I still did better than last week and everyone has got to start somewhere. It is also an obstacle for me to not drink pop. I fought through it this week and only drank one, but I have noticed that the longer I go without it the harder it gets. I am proud of the steps that I have taken and I hope to continue to get better as I get through next

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