Aromatherapy Case Study

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Mark Blake is 27 years of age and is from limerick city. He lives with his wife sarahjane and has no children. Mark is a qualified electrician but due to the economic recession lost his job in that industry and now works in an post delivering post 5 days a week. His hours differ every 3 weeks but he usually does early morning runs from 4am till 1pm. On Monday Wednesday and thursday evenings mark trains at a local soccer pitch between 7:30 - 8:30 and plays in a local league on Sunday afternoons. Mark also enjoys to play golf and goes fishing on a regular basis On a stress scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest) he rates his levels at work as 4. He does not find the work hard but he can find it boring and being up so early he often feels lethargic during the evening. Mark get around 5-6 hours sleep every night he feels this isn't enough and often sleeps for at least 1 hour during the day after he finishes work. Mark often suffers with muscle aches and pains. He said this is due to driving for his job and lifting heavy packages and also playing a lot of sports. Mark has never been in such agony that he has had to consult a doctor but would like to see if aromatherapy could help with the problem. The last time Mark was at the doctors was 6 months ago and that was a checkup as he had an operation on his knee as he tore his cruiciate ligament. Mark reckons his diet is not very healthy. He said that he doesn't like most fruits and vegetables and would eat one portion a day out of his five a day. He said that he eats a lot of protein in the form of red meat, fish and chicken. Mark says that he gets a lot of dairy in his diet as he drinks a lot of milk during the day. Mark said he's not a big fan of sugary snacks such as chocolate but that his downfall is that he loves crisps and fizzy drinks. Mark does regular exercise in the form of soccer training.

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