Tda 2.14 Essay

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TDA 2.14 1.1 Children need to be given a balanced diet which conforms to their cultural, ethnic and religious beliefs. A balanced diet consists of vitamin, minerals, water, protein, fats, carbohydrates and fibre. It is made up of different portions of nutrients these are:- 2 portions of protein obtained from meat 2 portions of protein obtained from dairy foods 5 portions of fruit and vegetables 1 and a half pints of fluid. There are two main functions of nutrients theses are to provide the body with material for growth and repair and to provide the body with energy. The nutrients are and help the body by :- Carbohydrates:- these are a source of energy as are fats and proteins they provide fibre that is good for maintaining children's bowels. Fats:- these are needed for the body to absorb vitamins A and D Proteins:- help growth and repair. They are good for children's brain, skin and blood. Minerals:- these are iron, calcium, phosphorous and fluoride. Iron helps blood to carry oxygen, a lack of this causes anaemia. Calcium helps build healthy strong bones and teeth. Vitamins:- there are many diseases caused by the lack of vitamins even thou only a small amount is needed by the body. Vitamin A helps to maintain healthy skin, growth and good vision. Vitamin B helps the release of energy from other food and is good for the nervous system. Vitamin C (is fragile and easily destroyed by cooking)this is needed for forming bones, teeth, blood vessels and skin. Vitamin D helps maintain bones and teeth and helps to prevent blood clots. Vitamin E has links to fertility and offers protection from cancer and heart disease. Vitamin K helps prevent blood clots. Many foods contain several of the nutrients needed but there is no single food that contains everything the body needs to be healthy. Children need their diet to be varied but it should always
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