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Continuity of care for patients in the medical environment is very important. In many instances it is essential to promote a positive outcome for patients. As a nurse supervisor, education of your staff is essential to show how interdisciplinary care within the clinic can be performed. This can be accomplished through in-services, training webinars, and role playing. Education for all staff members in understanding each other’s specialized jobs is also a critical piece for continuity of care. This will enable team members to confidently refer patients within the clinic to each other. While Ms. W is clearly concerned about Ms. R’s health and her unborn baby, she is forgetting that there are other health practitioners within the clinic that could assist Ms. R in her medical care. As the nursing supervisor of the clinic I would first recognize Ms. W for what she is trying to accomplish with Ms. R. The time she has spent with Ms. R, giving her phone number to her and the concern she has shown. I would ask Ms. W if she thought there was anything else she could do to promote continuity of care. Within her response I would try to get her 2
NVT2 Task 3: Nursing Roles and Values Page | 3 to realize that the available resources within the clinic were not utilized. Education and being able to read patient’s body language is essential key element to patient care. Ms. R sitting in silence and politely could be a clue that she does not understand Ms. W and is in need of an interpreter. As the supervisor, I would educate Ms. W once more in the resources that are available within the clinic and the importance of using them to assist patients in the best outcome possible.

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